Clinton Campaign Secretly Paying For Positive TV News Coverage


When you watch television news, you often see political “experts” pontificating about the upcoming election. Many are described as objective “Political Consultants” or “Political Strategists”.

But what the viewers don’t know is that many of these talking heads, supposedly giving “objective” analysis, are getting paid by the Clinton Campaign.

The Intercept recently broke a story describing how many of these television consultants work at firms retained by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They consistently promote Clinton and her policies, while never disclosing their financial ties to her campaign.

The Intercept writes:

Stephanie Cutter has appeared on multiple networks to discuss Clinton, and is typically introduced as a former campaign official for President Barack Obama. What hasn’t been disclosed in any of her appearances however, is that the boutique consulting firm she co-founded, Precision Strategies, has been retained by the Clinton campaign for “digital consulting,” according to Federal Election Commission records. Precision Strategies has been paid at least $120,049 from the Clinton campaign since June of last year.

“I think that Hillary Clinton has done everything right. She has run a good campaign. She has outperformed in debates. She’s raised money. She’s got a great ground game,” said Cutter. She was introduced as “President Obama’s 2012 deputy campaign manager.” Her company’s affiliation with the Clinton campaign was not disclosed.

On other news shows, Cutter defended Clinton’s decisions following the Benghazi attacks leading to the death of four Americans, including Chris Stevens, the American Ambassador to Libya.

That is not objective reporting. Not even close.

Another “political strategist”, Maria Cardona, is a regular CNN contributor. Although she appears frequently on television praising Clinton, it is never revealed that she is a partner at the Dewey Square Group, a lobbying firm that has been paid large sums of money from the Clinton Campaign. Interestingly, the co-founding partner of Dewey Square now serves as the chief administrative officer of the Clinton campaign.

Another example highlighted by The Intercept is Hari Sevugan. He appears regularly on CBS to talk up the Clinton Campaign, while appearing as an objective political consultant. However, Sevugan is a principal at 270 Strategies, which does extensive work for the Clinton campaign. FEC records show that Ready for Hillary paid 270 Strategies $301,621 for consulting work, and later, the Hillary for America campaign paid the firm at least $75,200.

The mainstream media has gone beyond simple (yet blatant) bias. We now live in a world where the Democrat Party actually pays for messaging on the mainstream news.

Do you think the Clinton Campaign will successfully buy its way into the White House? Or is this just politics as usual? Share your thoughts in the comments section.