Chelsea Clinton Runs Her Big Mouth At Trump – INSTANTLY Gets Shut Down


Ever since her mother’s loss in the presidential election, Chelsea Clinton has tried to make a name for herself by repeatedly bashing Donald Trump on Twitter. She tried to do this once again on Monday, but unfortunately for Chelsea, her latest attack ended up blowing up in her face in a big way.

During an interview this week, Trump said that former President Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War had he served at a later date.

“I mean had Andrew Jackson been a little bit later, you wouldn’t have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart,” Trump told the Washington Examiner.

Feeling triggered by Trump’s statement, Chelsea fired back on Twitter.

“1 word answer: Slavery. Longer: When Andrew Jackson died in 1845 (16 yrs before the Civil War began), he owned 150 men, women and children,” Chelsea wrote, according to Mad World News.

It didn’t take long for Chelsea to realize that all she’d accomplished with this tweet was exposing her own ignorance.

“Clinton failed to acknowledge that Jackson founded the Democratic party. Clinton’s rant completely left out that he created the party her entire family aligns and identifies with publicly. People across social media lambasted her on Twitter for her hypocrisy,” reported BizPac Review.

Twitter users took it upon themselves to let Chelsea know that she’d made a big mistake:

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