Chelsea Clinton Runs Her Big Mouth… Gets a BRUTAL Response!


Chelsea Clinton can’t help running her mouth, or her fingers on the keyboard.

An incident occurred on a Manhattan subway that she couldn’t help but comment on. She received a brutal response, from many on social media.

A vandal had used a marker to write “Jews belong in the oven,” with an accompanying swastika. The swastika was repeated on many ads and windows on the train.

Most people are decent, and this train was no different. Almost immediately, people took out hand sanitizers (alcohol) and tissues or napkins, and began scrubbing away the offensive remarks and symbols.

Of course, Chelsea Clinton couldn’t resist the opportunity to grandstand on social media. She posted this tweet: “We will not let hate win. And, another reason to carry hand sanitizer.”

This was very similar to the “love trumps hate” nonsense, and social media lit up.

‘Honky Tonk Jew’ tweeted this: “@ChelseaClinton and the fact that your disgusting father is still on the loose is reason enough to carry hand sanitizer.”


MrClarkJosephKent then piled on with this “@HonkyTonkJew @ChelseaClinton and penicillin.”

Focusing on the comment “we will not let hate win,” ‘Lola us’ tweeted this: “We didn’t let hate win. Your mother lost.”

These were but a few of the responses on social media. There were many more.

The attempts by Chelsea Clinton and other lefties to paint the rare actions of the very few is contemptible. It is divisive.

It is good to see that most Americans see this for what it is.

And they say, “Enough!”

What do you think of Chelsea Clinton’s tweet and the responses? Share your opinions in the comments section.