Here Are The Cheapskate Countries Not Paying Their Fair Share To NATO


President Trump has been calling out NATO members for not paying their fair share to defend the west. Each NATO member country is supposed to contribute 2 percent of their nation’s GDP towards the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also called the North Atlantic Alliance.

The United States has been shouldering the most of the cost. In 2016, American taxpayers contributed over $660 billion to NATO, or nearly 4 percent of GDP. That comes to $1891 per citizen.

The Federalist Papers Projects is reporting that this week, U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis called for all NATO countries to start paying their fair share. Mattis told member countries, “No longer can the American taxpayer carry a disproportionate share of the defense of western values. Americans cannot care more for your children’s security than you do. Disregard for military readiness demonstrates a lack of respect for ourselves, for the alliance and for the freedoms we inherited, which are now clearly threatened.”

Interestingly, once Trump calling for other countries to step up their financial commitments last summer (during the presidential election), contributions from member nations began to rise significantly – up $10 billion over the previous year.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that the United States, England, Greece, Poland and Estonia are currently the only countries meeting their spending requirement. America tops the list at 3.61 percent, followed by Greece at 2.38 percent of GDP.

The biggest cheapskates enjoying NATO protection are Luxembourg and Belgium, which contribute a meager 0.44 percent and 0.85 percent of GDP spending, respectively. Spain, Slovenia and Canada are also under 1 percent.

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Shame on these cowardly nations, who simply assume that we American will continue to drain our blood and treasure for their own freedom.

The full list of NATO nations and their contributions in 2016 can be seen here on Wikipedia.

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