Carrie Underwood HUMILIATES Hillary Clinton During CMAs


Earlier this week, beloved singer Carrie Underwood hosted the 50th annual Country Music Awards alongside fellow country star Brad Paisley. Before the show, Underwood said she wanted to stay away from politics despite the election being just a week away.

“I prefer to stay away from politics,” she said before the show, according to IJ Review. “This is country music, and we have 50 years to cover. So I feel like we’ll have lots to talk about, but I think it will be more geared to just us and what we do and all these legends that we have and people that have incredible talent that we have in our genre.”

However, Underwood and Paisley couldn’t resist using their opening skit to poke some fun at the election, and take some digs at Hillary Clinton. They began by singing about how “tired” they are of this election.

“This election is taking forever. Forever and ever. Forever and ever. Forever and ever, Amen,” they sang to the Randy Travis classic.

While Underwood recited names of the night’s nominees, Paisley interjected randomly:

CU: …our buddy, Keith Urban.

BP: Wrong!

CU: Also nominated — Luke Bryan and Chris Stapleton…

BP: LIES! Crooked Carrie.

CU: Crooked Carrie? And over here is another entertainer of the year nominee, Mr. Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks.

BP: Okay, that one’s true.

BP: It doesn’t really matter what I think, because this show is rigged… Bigly.

CU: No, it’s not, Brad. But the people need to know: will you accept the results?

BP: Yes. If I win.

CU: You’re not even nominated!

BP: Then no. And you’re a nasty woman.

The pair later took shots at Clinton by handing out a “basket of deplorables” to every attendee!

Each basket included:

  • Camo
  • Ammo (Miranda’s favorite caliber, y’all)
  • Beer goggles
  • Willie Nelson’s potted meat
  • “Girl Crush” hard soda (in Florida Georgia Lime)

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