California Literally Collapsing Due To Leftist Policies


California is literally collapsing under the weight of insane leftist policies. They’re busying themselves fighting President Donald Trump and continue to whine about Calexit.

Thomas Del Beccaro, author of The Divided Era, wrote an op-ed in Forbes that explained the pathetic state California has put itself in. Years of infrastructure neglect, with funds being diverted to illegals, global warming, and other social justice foolishness.

Del Beccaro wrote, “Of course, it is no small irony in an epic year of rain, those same Democrats continue to claim that because of a lack of social justice in the hearts of Americans, climate change is real and will result in prolonged droughts in California.” Indeed, taxpayer funded NASA climatologist Bill Patzert predicted last year that “We are in a drought forever.”

“Mother Nature, of course, does not listen to politicians or predictions. California has indeed had an epic amount of rain this year, far, far greater than anyone predicted. So much so that California infrastructure is being exposed for what it has been – ignored,” Del Beccaro stated.

“The biggest non-social justice headlines have gone to people fleeing Oroville Dam, which holds back Lake Oroville, the second largest man-made lake in California.” He conitinues, “For over a decade, despite many warnings, the social justice warriors have not only refused to build new water infrastructure to feed a population growing with the immigrants and now refugees they want to protect, they have also refused to spend money to protect the infrastructure they have.”

So, what is an impoverished California to do? It’s not an academic question. California leads the nation in poverty when cost of living is factored into the equation.

According to Governor Gerry Brown and the Democrats, the answer is fight for future immigrants, refugees, sanctuary cities, social issues and global warming. Social justice for all.

Perhaps one day, Brown and his Democrat friends will understand that there is no social justice without a job. But don’t count on that any time soon.