BuzzFeed Editor Gets Destroyed On National TV


Last night on Fox News Tucker Carlson destroyed another liberal media hack!

Ben Smith, editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed, was invited on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss his decision to publish a 35-page document of unverified and inflammatory allegations against Donald Trump.

Mr. Smith thought he could twist the facts on national television, but Tucker proved him wrong and called Smith out for his dishonest reporting!

The 35-page dossier published by BuzzFeed news included allegations that Trump had ties with Russia, as well as some very slanderous fabrications about the President.

Smith had no defense other than the people’s “right” to see the document. Isn’t it Smith’s duty as an editor to make sure that people don’t get fed fake news?

Tucker argued that journalists see unverified stories all the time but have a responsibility to be careful and to fact-check. Smith didn’t seem too concerned with the truth if it didn’t fit his anti-Trump agenda.


Tucker claimed Smith’s style of journalism was actually leftist activism and his decision to share the story was politically motivated. Tucker said, “Clearly, BuzzFeed News has a pretty open political agenda masquerading as journalism.”

The Washington Post criticized BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the document as well as Smith’s defense. In an article titled, The problem with BuzzFeed’s defense of publishing the Trump-Russia dossier, Callum Borchers writes:

“The problem Smith continues to overlook is that readers actually have no way to judge the documents […] We’re talking about things Trump did or did not do and events that did or did not happen.”

Borchers said that many media outlets investigated the claims and could not validate any of them, and therefore did not publish the dossier. Borchers continued, “That’s why the documents went unpublished for so long — and why many outlets still refuse to describe their contents in detail.”

Ben Smith and the rest of the editors at BuzzFeed have proven they lack the integrity required to call themselves journalists. BuzzFeed will suffer the consequences of being labeled a fake news outlet!