Burlington Coat Factory Gets Boycotted, Caves, and Faces Backlash

Burlington Coat Factory: Target of anti-Trump boycott

In the current anti-Trump / pro-Trump American societal fracture, the New Jersey -based retail company Burlington Coat Factory has found itself caught in the crossfire.

Products from Ivanka Trump’s clothing line are no longer available online via the Burlington Coat Factory website, as a result of the anti-Trump boycott movement, #grabyourwallet.

The company’s decision to remove Ivanka’s product line available through the company’s website has not brought an end to the boycott campaign, however, as those running the online campaign have announced that “Burlington Coat Factory has removed all Trump brand goods from its site but has made no public statement about brick-and-mortar locations, so it too remains on the [boycott] list.”

That boycott lists includes many companies, and includes, among many others, Macy’s, LL Bean, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

As if the continuing boycott from the anti-Trump faction is not enough, the company has gained the ire of multitudes of Trump supporters, who generally feel that the company acted in a craven manner to assuage the radical left.

Many shoppers are not pleased with the company caving in to anti-Trump boycott

The company’s Facebook page held over 40 posts regarding the topic Monday. Some of the comments follow.
Theresa Fowler stated: “Won’t be shopping at Burlington again. Love Ivanka. Too bad you cast your lot in with the unbalanced liberals.”

Debbie Tyler Dolan posted: “Please confirm if you have dropped Ivanka Trumps clothing line. If so I will no longer be shopping at Burlington.”

A disgusted Doug Burdette wrote: “This Deplorable will never shop in your store again. I just wish the $400 plus I spent there for Christmas could be returned. Ivanka Trump is a good person.”

Maggie Boege said: “New Storm for ya, This Trump supported and pro American has just dropped you. FYI that’s 3 grandkids that will never be subjected to your store or employees.”

The department store chain Nordstrom, Inc., had been another target of the anti-Trump boycotting campaign and earlier this month dropped Ivanka’s clothing line. As with Burlington Coat Factory, this delighted the anti-Trump wackos but angered shoppers who were also pro-Trump.

It appears things will remain ugly for most of the next eight years, as the unhinged and utterly psychotic reaction from the left to Donald Trump’s presidency has failed to abate in the three months since last November’s election.

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