BREAKING: Wikileaks Releases Email That Calls Hillary’s Health Into Question


Over the last few weeks, evidence has mounted that Hillary Clinton is suffering from a major health problem that she is trying to hide from the American people. Though she claims to be in perfect health, an email just released by Wikileaks appears to confirm that she is suffering from serious health issues.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Wikileaks released an email today in which Clinton’s advisor Philippe Reines contacted the NFL Commissioner in 2012 to inquire about how to deal with severe head injuries. Clinton then thanked Reines for his efforts, telling him that “having a cracked head is no fun at all.”


The email was sent on December 24, 2012, days after Clinton allegedly got a stomach virus and suffered a fall. It was reported to the press that this fall resulted in a concussion and finally a brief hospitalization for a blood clot near her brain.

Clinton did not return to her job as Secretary of State until January 7 of 2013.

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