BREAKING: What Trump Just Did Will Go Down in History as ‘The Shot Heard Around the World’


JUST IN: President Trump has had ENOUGH with the leaks, the attacks — all of it. Left wingers and the media is using everything they can to take Trump down and try to discredit him.

Trump has been extra polite about the whole sordid affair, but even this honorable man has his limits. After many fake news reports about “chaos” in the administration, he went on the offensive and put the media on notice with a flurry of Tweets.

The media has made it seem like there is complete chaos within the Trump administration. They are also trying to paint a picture that Trump hasn’t accomplished anything of value yet.

But Trump and his supporters know that is nothing but FAKE NEWS. And because the media won’t report accurately on Trump’s accomplishments, he needs to take to Twitter to get the word out himself.

On the jobs front, he tweeted:

He also went on the offensive after Democrats have falsely accused him and his campaign of colluding with Russia.

The Democrats should be very afraid right now. They know that they’re spreading lies about Trump, and he is going to hold them accountable. We FINALLY have a leader who is ready to fight back against the lies and smears from the left-leaning mainstream media.

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