BREAKING: Trump Just Named THIS Popular Fox News Host To His Admin.


Donald Trump dropped a bombshell  on Thursday when he announced that Fox News contributor Monica Crowley will be the head of communications efforts for his National Security Council.

Mediaite reported that this came hours after a Fox News spokesman confirmed that Crowley’s contract with the network had been terminated. She had been a contributor with the network since 1998, but had taken a four year absence from 2004-2008. Crowley has also hosted the The Monica Crowley Show on the radio since 2002.

This news will not come as a surprise to fans of Crowley, as she was an outspoken supporter of Trump throughout his campaign.

Though rumors were initially swirling that Crowley would be Trump’s White House Press Secretary, she will likely welcome the opportunity to serve under Gen. Michael Flynn, who has been named National Security Adviser.

This isn’t the first time Crowley will be working closely to a president. She acted as a research assistant to Richard Nixon after he left the White House, and helped him write two of his books. She also authored two books about Nixon on her own.

Per the Beast gave more information as to the specific duties Crowley will have in Trump’s administration:

The sources said it wasn’t yet clear if her title would mirror that of Ben Rhodes, who currently serves as the U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications. Rhodes was one of Obama’s the most influential staff members and had a critical hand in shaping the administration’s global security policies and then selling those policies to the world.

Crowley might not be the only Fox News personality in Trump’s White House, as reports have surfaced this week that popular host Kimberly Guilfoyle is being considered for the position of Press Secretary. Politico reported that Guilfoyle has already met with Trump’s transition team about the position twice, and that she will be meeting with the president-elect himself about it later this week.

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