BREAKING: Sean Hannity Gets Another Low Blow From The Left


After Bill O’Reilly was let go by Fox News, liberals started foaming at the mouth thinking they could break up the successful organization and silence more conservative voices.

Conservative 101 reports that Sean Hannity has been attacked not only once during this witch hunt, but twice. The site writes that the attack on Fox News host is a “part of what can only be interpreted as a liberal reaction to Donald Trump’s presidency,” basically the continuation of a long, drawn out, leftist meltdown.

Roger Ailes has stepped down and now that Rupert Murdoch is in charge, there has been speculation that Murdoch might make too many drastic changes to the network’s staff.

Viewers fear that Murdoch’s sons hold liberal leaning views, and that will play a role in the network going in a new direction and alienating loyal conservatives. Now that Bill O’Reilly is no longer on every night, these same viewers are relying on Hannity for nightly news and commentary from a Fox News veteran.

Reports are surfacing that Sean Hannity’s job is at risk, which is hard to believe, but nevertheless devastating news for the long-time host. Conservative 101 says that “James Murdoch is reportedly planning to use the Bill O’Reilly ouster as an excuse to let go of Fox News’ co-president Bill Shine in a power grab.”

Hannity is such a strong presence at Fox, and if Murdoch gets rid of Hannity the station will absolutely suffer. Loyalty to your viewers goes a long way, Murdoch. Just ask the NFL, who saw a rating drop when they refused do anything about Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protests.

If Fox News goes in a new direction, they will need a whole new audience. Maybe there’s room for a new conservative network that could hire Hannity and the rest of our beloved Fox hosts!