BREAKING: Obama Hit With Major Lawsuit – It’s Happening

resident Barack Obama is updated on the severe winter storm currently moving across the country during a phone call with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate in the Oval Office, Feb. 2, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Ever since the Iran deal was first announced, Barack Hussein Obama’s White House has been lying about it to the American people. Now, their lies have finally come back to bite them, as a massive lawsuit has just been filed against the administration.

The lawsuit stems from a press briefing in December of 2013 in which Fox News reporter James Rosen during asked State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki if it was considered acceptable for Obama’s government to lie in order to protect secret negotiations with Iran. Psaki shocked everyone by responding that it was indeed acceptable to for the government to lie in the name of diplomacy.

Town Hall reported that the video of this exchange inexplicably disappeared, and Obama’s White House quickly claimed that this was due to a glitch.

Realizing that the Obama administration was clearly trying to hide something, the American Center for Law & Justice filed Freedom of Information Act requests a few weeks ago demanding to know which White House officials gave the order to edit the exchange between Psaki and Rosen. The deadline to respond expired this week, so the ACLJ is now preparing to file a lawsuit.

“Our legal team is prepared to litigate this case in order to enforce the rule of law and shed light on this shameful cover-up,” said ACLJ President Jay Sekulow.

We can only hope that Obama is finally held accountable for his lies with this lawsuit. SHARE this story if you think Obama should be IMPEACHED!