Alabama Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore told his supporters that the “battle is not over,” despite losing to Democrat Doug Jones.

Moore sent a fundraising email to supporters asking for contributions to his “election integrity fund” so he could investigate reports of voter fraud.

“Realize when the vote is this close, it’s not over and we still got to go by the rules about this recount provision. It’s not over, and it’s going to take some time.”

A recount would be at Moore’s expense, which could cost between $1 million and $1.5 million, and must be paid up-front. According to Fortune, Moore only has approximately $636,000 cash on hand.

This isn’t just some pipe dream of Moore’s, voter fraud most definitely occurred. According to mainstream left-leaning Newsweek, thousands of felons registered to vote in this Senatorial election.

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, who spearheaded the effort, said on the November 27 registration deadline that at least 5,000 to 10,000 people statewide had registered that month.

“I’ve got people all over the state registering people,” Glasgow, who is president of The Ordinary People Society (TOPS) advocacy group, told at the time. “With my TOPS branches in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Montgomery, Enterprise, Dothan, Abbeville, Geneva, Gordon, Bessemer, we have a lot.”

A 2015 study found that 7 out of 10 felons vote Democrat, which Glasgow surely knew.

There was also an overly-enthusiastic volunteer that loudly announced that people came from “all over the country” to Alabama, just to vote for Jones.

“It’s our contention the votes can be recounted. We contend that authority is there,” John Bennet, Deputy Chief of Staff for the Secretary of State’s office said and also stated that the office will not make a determination on a recount until after the ballots are certified.

With all of this evidence, and more surfacing every day, it certainly seems like voter fraud will be investigated. The left tried to bring Moore down just days before the election with 40 year old allegations of sexual misconduct, which proved to be false, so they resorted to falsifying voter information to put a Democrat in Congress.