BREAKING: New Results Are Coming In – Trump Has TAKEN THE LEAD Over Hillary


The mainstream media has stepped up their game in vilifying Donald Trump in the past week, and they have made it look like he has absolutely no shot of beating Hillary Clinton come election day next month. That’s why it came as a massive shock to many this week when the latest LA Times-USC Dornsife poll put Trump in the lead over Clinton.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the poll has Trump in the lead over Clinton by one point, putting him at 44.8% support and her at 43% support.



While this is far from a big lead, it comes as a welcome relief to Trump’s supporters, who have been conditioned by the mainstream media to think he no longer has a chance of winning. The mainstream media has spent the last week printing outlandish stories about women accusing Trump of sexual assault without even bothering to factcheck their stories. In the process, the media has ignored the latest damning emails WikiLeaks has released of Clinton’s.

The mainstream media wants conservatives to believe that Trump is already out of the race so that people won’t bother going out to vote for him next month. SHARE this story so we can show Americans that Trump is STILL in this race!