BREAKING: Mike Pence Plotted Coup Against Trump – Tried to BOOT Him


BREAKING NEWS: A bombshell report by the Daily Mail reveals that Mike Pence plotted a coup against Trump in 2016.

The release of the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape where Trump boasted about using his celebrity and grabbing women ‘by the p***” rocked the campaign, and even persuaded some leading Trump advisors that the candidate was through.

Pence, the religiously conservative former Indiana governor who Trump selected as his running mate, was contemplating a ‘coup’ to replace Trump at the top of the ticket, the Atlantic reported.

With the party’s chances in doubt after the revelations, hours after the Washington Post broke news about the tape, ‘Pence made it clear to the Republican National Committee that he was ready to take Trump’s place as the party’s nominee,’ according to the report.

The maneuvering came at a time when official Washington was rocked by the raw hot mic comments of the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape, which soon led to the firing of Billy Bush.

A former campaign aide said Pence’s wife, Karen Pence, was ‘disgusted’ by the tape.

‘She finds him reprehensible—just totally vile’ the aide said of President Trump. The couple was appalled by the video, according to the report.

In the aftermath, a Republican senator called the Republican Party to take emergency steps to replace Trump, who had already accepted his party’s nomination at the convention, according to the Atlantic.

It was at an urgent October 2016 Trump Tower meeting where former RNC chair Reince Priebus, who went on to become White House chief of staff, famously urged Trump to get out of the race. New York magazine reported that Priebus said if he didn’t, he would ‘go down with a worse election loss than Barry Goldwater’s.’

The candidate ultimately rejected pleas to get out, and hit back hard during the second presidential debate, where he brought along Bill Clinton’s former accusers as a way to needle rival Hillary Clinton.

There wasn’t a ready mechanism for the party to replace a potentially hobbled nominee. An RNC rule only authorized the party to fill any vacancy created ‘by death, declination, or otherwise.’

There was pressure from some anti-Trump lawmakers, such as Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, for Trump to step aside at this point.