BREAKING: ISIS Recruits 40 Syrian ‘Refugees’


Obama and his followers constantly claim that Syrian “refugees” are peaceful people who are just coming to the west looking for a better life. Stories like this, however, prove that this is a blatant lie.

According to American News, Germany has just reported that they have caught ISIS recruiting Syrian refugees in their nation on multiple occasions. They have also found that some of the Muslim refugees are even being supported by ISIS while they live in Germany.

German officials have revealed that there have been over 100 confirmed cases of ISIS trying to form relationships with refugees inside their country. Imagine how many more cases went unreported…

In addition, German authorities have classified 40 refugees as potentially converted by ISIS. This group meets regularly Ibrahim Al Khalil mosque in Berlin, which has become a hotspot of sorts for Islamic terrorist groups.

We should learn from Germany’s mistakes and shoot down Obama’s precious refugee programs that aim to bring these potential terrorists to the U.S. SHARE this story if you want to keep Syrian “refugees” OUT of our country!