BREAKING: Hillary Rodham Clinton May FINALLY Be Served Justice

Hillary Clinton should be looking sad, as foreign governments drastically pull back, or suspend, their support of her Clinton Foundation, while the FBI continues its investigation into her questionable activities.

Justice shall be served! This past weekend, the New York Post reported that President-elect Donald Trump will, “encourage foreign governments to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s finances.”

This delightful news comes on the heels of other delightful news (well, not delightful for the Clintons, probably) that several foreign governments, including Australia, France, and Norway, are either reducing their donations to the Clinton Foundation or are investigating that organization’s money trail. This has to hurt, as Australia and Norway, alone, have each contributed up to $25 million.

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (left) spent her time in government getting cozy with Hillary, ultimately being accused of participating in a “pay to play” scheme with the Clinton Foundation. This idea is not hard to believe as, after Gillard lost her post as prime minister in 2013, she was brought on by the Clinton Foundation to act as chairwoman of the Clinton Global Partnership for Education.

This news, of course, comes soon after Hillary’s epic defeat in early November, indicating that these donations were made more for Hillary’s potential influence, rather than any good work her foundation was doing.

On Friday, the Australian government, which reported has given around $460 million, stated that it will not renew several of its Clinton Foundation partnerships. Like Australia, the Norwegian government is pulling back on its support of the Clinton Foundation, by cutting its contributions 90%.

The French government has begun an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, wanting to discover where, exactly, are the millions of dollars that France gave to that organization.

Word on the street is that Trump will speak to U.S. ambassadors, encouraging them to discuss with the governments to which they are assigned, the financial dealings that those countries had with the Clinton Foundation. This would be in addition to the multi-city investigation that the FBI has been conducting, for the past 9 months, on the Clinton Foundation’s dealings. Clearly, Hillary has her hands full with these investigations; she should be quite grateful that Trump said he would not be pressing charges against her due to her use of a private email server, as well as the alleged corrupt practices by her family foundation.

The U.S. government, however, may still be looking into some questionable Clinton Foundation projects, such as the enormous infusion of funds that they made into Haiti and Columbia.

So, Hillary, don’t get started on your retirement plans too soon. Looks like there is some chance that your new retirement home may consist of only a cot, toilet, and one window with bars.