BREAKING: Gowdy Unleashes – RAINS DOWN HELL on Anti-Trump FBI Agent


The integrity of many at the FBI, including agent Peter Strzok, have come into question due to the seemlingly corrupt handling of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server investigation.

As explained by Town Hall, many have felt that during the FBI investigation into this issue, Clinton was treated as a “fragile subject” who was not deserving of an aggressive investigation.

House Judiciary Committee Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy recently explained on a Fox News interview with Bill Hemmer, that one of the most egregious offenses made by Strzok was his re-labeling of Clinton’s behavior during her use of private email servers as “extremely careless.” Her behavior had originally been referred to as “grossly negligent,” which, according to Gowdy, is how it is referred to in the statute. According to Gowdy, this was done so it would be easier for the FBI to not charge Clinton, since it would be difficult to let her go if they used wording that matched, exactly, that which was in the statute.

Strzok’s pro-Clinton, anti-Trump bias first came to light when it was found that Strzok had sent pro-Hillary, anti-Trump texts to his mistress in late 2016. While Strzok was subsequently dismissed from the case after that, the DOJ has been analyzing more than 10,000 texts sent or received by Strzok.

But this was only one of numerous issues Gowdy had with the FBI and the DOJ. A recent article explained that it is Gowdy’s belief that the investigation will unearth other cases of both bias and obstruction. In a video posted on the Fox News Twitter feed, Gowdy explained, “It’s not just Strzok. That’s the latest. And I’m afraid Strzok is not going to be the last.”