BREAKING: DHS Releases Disturbing New Terror Warning – Spread This NOW


Millions of Americans are still struggling to recover from Sunday’s devastating terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people dead and over 50 injured at the hands of a radical Islamic terrorist.

Days later, the Department of Homeland Security released a disturbing warning about terrorism that has patriots everywhere feeling scared. The Political Insider reported that the DHS announced that there has been an increase in chatter among terrorist organizations. They went on to add that there is a serious risk of another attack on American soil between now and November.

Here’s the full warning the DHS posted on their website:

National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin – (DHS)
In December, we described a new phase in the global threat environment, which has implications on the homeland. This basic assessment has not changed. In this environment, we are particularly concerned about homegrown violent extremists who could strike with little or no notice. The tragic events of Orlando several days ago reinforce this. Accordingly, increased public vigilance and awareness continue to be of utmost importance. This bulletin has a five-month duration and will expire just before the holiday season. We will reassess the threats of terrorism at that time.

Issued: June 15, 2016
Expires: November 15, 2016

Since issuing the first Bulletin in December, our concerns that violent extremists could be inspired to conduct attacks inside the U.S. have not diminished.

Though we know of no intelligence that is both specific and credible at this time of a plot by terrorist organizations to attack the homeland, the reality is terrorist-inspired individuals have conducted, or attempted to conduct, attacks in the United States.

DHS is especially concerned that terrorist-inspired individuals and homegrown violent extremists may be encouraged or inspired to target public events or places.

As we saw in the attacks in San Bernardino, Paris, Brussels, and, most recently, Orlando, terrorists will consider a diverse and wide selection of targets for attacks.

Terrorist use of the Internet to inspire individuals to violence or join their ranks remains a major source of concern.

In the current environment, DHS is also concerned about threats and violence directed at particular communities and individuals across the country, based on perceived religion, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation.

U.S. Government Counterterrorism Efforts

DHS and the FBI continue to provide guidance to state and local partners on increased security measures. The public may observe an increased law enforcement and security presence across communities, in public places and at events in the months ahead. This may include additional restrictions and searches on bags, more K-9 teams, and the use of screening technologies.

The FBI is investigating potential terrorism-related activities associated with this broad threat throughout the United States. Federal, state, and local authorities are coordinating numerous law enforcement actions and conducting community outreach to address this evolving threat.

Types of Advisories
Bulletin: Describes current developments or general trends regarding threats of terrorism.
Elevated Alert: Warns of a credible terrorism threat against the United States.
Imminent Alert: Warns of a credible, specific and impending terrorism threat against the United States.

We can only hope and pray that no terrorist happen against the United States in the coming months, but given how little Obama is doing to protect us, we’re preparing ourselves for the worst…

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