BREAKING: Democrats Sign New Law That Will CHANGE 2016 Election


With Donald Trump overtaking Hillary Clinton in some polls this week, Democrats are more desperate than ever to rig the election in her favor. This week, the state of California passed a shameful new law that is sure to make it a whole lot easier for Clinton to win their state.

The Political Insider reported that California Governor Jerry Brown signed off on a piece of legislation this week that will allow FELONS in the west coast state to vote in elections. The bill was passed by Democrats earlier this week, and it was approved by Brown on Thursday despite the fact that law enforcement strongly opposed it.

Known as AB 2466, the bill will let thousands of felons vote in elections throughout the state, claiming that the act of voting will help them speed their transition back into society. Assemblywoman Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) presented the bill, and she laughably claimed that it would reduce the likelihood that felons will commit crimes again.

“Civic participation can be a critical component of re-entry and has been linked to reduced recidivism,” Weber said when the legislation was first introduced.

“I wrote AB 2466 because I want to send a message to the nation that California will not stand for discrimination in voting,” she added after Brown approved the bill, according to The LA Times.

Many Republicans, like Sen. Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel), spoke out to slam the bill, pointing out that it would undermine the integrity of elections by allowing people in jail to decide close contest.

“It is very disappointing that felons still serving their sentences behind bars will now be able to vote since Governor Brown failed to veto this really bad bill,” Bates said in a statement.

Since California is a mostly liberal state, the more voters they can have participate in the election, the better off Clinton will be. Once again, Democrats are trying to rig this election against Trump.

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