BREAKING: Clinton Indictment ‘Almost Certain’

Hillary Clinton FBI
Hillary Clinton will almost surely be indicted.

Leaked information from FBI sources indicate that the reopened investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server will most probably result in an indictment, based on evidence already taken from a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner. Sources confirm that many of the emails recovered from Weiner’s computer are not duplicates of emails previously known to the FBI from their earlier investigative work. The FBI exploration into the approximately 650,000 emails discovered on Weiner’s computer also impacts an ongoing investigation into alleged pay for play influence peddling by the Clinton Foundation.

Such an indictment may take months, occurring well past November eighth, as the investigation continues and evidence piles up. The most probable target of an indictment remains unclear, and Democratic obstruction could slow down the process.

Highlighting the tremendous risk that the use of the private server for state business created, FBI sources indicated the probability that Clinton’s private email server had in fact been hacked by multiple foreign intelligence agencies as higher than 99%.

Since FBI Director James Comey announced the renewed investigation into the case of Clinton’s private email server last week, Democrats and the Clinton team have pugnaciously attacked Comey, their hero of the summer, for publicly announcing the investigation’s reopening and partisanship.