BREAKING: Another GOP Candidate Likely Dropping Out Of Race


The GOP presidential candidates have been dropping like flies over the last few weeks, and new reports have revealed another one is preparing to exit the race.

According to Allen B. West, Ben Carson’s campaign is rapidly running out of money, even though he has raised more dollars than any other Republican in the race. Last month, Carson had $4 million in cash in his possession, but if he keeps spending money at the rate he has been, he will run out of money by the end of February.

In January, Carson spent $6.2 million and raised only $3.8 million. This could not be more different than September, when Carson raised $3.5 million in just one week.

Since it seems obvious he has no chance of winning, many believe Carson is staying in the race just to sell his books. He also might be hoping that Donald Trump will give him a position on his administration if he sticks around.

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