BREAKING: 4 Dead, 15 Injured in Jerusalem Terror Attack, Caught on Video


A terror attack in Jerusalem reported by the Daily Mail in which “a truck driver mow[ed] down soldiers in Jerusalem and reverse[d] over them,” is being categorized by the Isreali Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as an ISIS attack. The bullet holes that stopped the attacker have been captured by photographers.

The act of terror has left four Isreali soldiers dead and 15 injured. The assailant has been shot dead at the wheel. The Daily Mail also reports that three of the four victims were women, and all four of the victims were in their 20’s.

The victims were on a sightseeing tour, and had been standing by a bus when a truck suddenly plowed into them, causing the Tour guide, Eytan Rund, to start firing his weapon at the truck driver. The Palestinian driver was shot and killed by Israeli forces.

Israeli soldiers stood in a circle wrapped in each others arms in a showing of faith and solidarity in the wake of the terror attack.


The horrifying incident is reminiscent of recent terror attacks in France and Germany – and has many people worried that Islamic terror is becoming commonplace and impossible to control.

The Daily Mail claims Netanyahu is taking immediate action as he says “Israel has blockaded Jabel Mukaber, the east Jerusalem neighborhood where the truck driver lived, and is planning other measures to prevent similar attacks.”


The Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barat, made a bold statement, saying “those who incite terror must pay a heavy price.”

The attack was caught on video. WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT