BOOOOM: Trump Just Dropped the Ultimate Nuke on CNN


On Saturday, President Donald Trump was infuriated at CNN for making yet another false report on the supposed Russia collusion.

The CNN report in question, said that Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., received an email on September 4, 2016, offering him access to hacked Democratic party emails from WikiLeaks before the documents had been made public.

However, the email was sent on 14 September 2016, after the material was made public.


In a statement, CNN said its “initial reporting of the date on an email sent to members of the Trump campaign about WikiLeaks documents, which was confirmed by two sources to CNN, was incorrect. We have updated our story to include the correct date, and present the proper context for the timing of email.”

This was the second time CNN has made a correction to a “big” story involving Trump and Russia.

In June, three CNN journalists resigned after the network retracted a report on alleged ties between Trump officials and a Russian investment fund. “What about all the other phony stories they do? FAKE NEWS,” Trump tweeted then. The network, always having an excuse, said the three journalists who reported that story failed to follow editorial procedures.