BOOM: Megyn Kelly Just Got Destroyed on National TV

Sorry, Megyn, your popularity is quickly waning.

Dear Megyn Kelly… Did you ever get the feeling that you’re not the “popular girl” anymore? Well, if not, then we’ve a news flash for you: You’re not.

Yes, we all know you have your $20 million offer from Fox but you might want to be careful about whom you’re attacking because some folks aren’t going to take your nastiness sitting down. Well, okay, they might be sitting down, but they’re speaking up, and loudly, about how unfair you are being.

Tomi Lahren and Pamela Geller

Case in point: Tomi Lahren and Pamela Geller. Recently, the two of them got together on Tomi’s show, and, boy oh boy, they went on for a long, long time about what they didn’t like about you, and it was a lot.

[President-elect Donald Trump] was going after Pam Geller, who, there’s no question, is a hateful person…

Here are a few choice words they had for you, Megyn:

Pamela Geller: I find it shocking that [Megyn] (a) considers herself a journalist, when she knows nothing of my work, and (b) smears, defames, and libels me. Why? Because she’s so eager to move to ABC, NBC, or CBS or one of those, the last vestiges of the “gold standard” of journalism? And, honestly, if that’s the standard of journalism where we are now, then she clearly belongs in one of those cesspools. And they are cesspools, because they smear and they defame people.

Tomi Lahren: I’m not sure if Megyn is purposely alienating conservatives, purposely alienating Trump supporters…

Watch the entire video of Tomi and Pamela here:

While Megyn is still a prominent news personality, she should be careful not to alienate too many people, as she may be needing their support in the coming months and years. As stated recently on, “Megyn Kelly’s show is getting beat by Rachel Maddow at CNBC. This never would have happened two years ago.”