Black Lives Matter Thugs BLOCK Traffic On Highway – Get A RUDE Wakeup Call


Black Lives Matter protests have gotten out of control in the final months of Barack Obama’s presidency, as the protesters know that our race-baiting president will never hold them accountable for their sick actions. In this video, however, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters learn the hard way that blocking traffic on a highway in the name of race-baiting may not be such a good idea.

The video below opens with some race-baiting protesters blocking traffic on a highway and chanting their liberal propaganda. All is going well for the race-baiters until an SUV approaches them and shows no sign of slowing town. Watch as the clearly fed-up SUV driver plows through the Black Lives Matter protesters, continuing to move through them until they have no choice but to let him pass.

That certainly put a damper on their little protest…

This video makes it clear that we will no longer tolerate Black Lives Matter thugs breaking the law in Donald Trump’s America. SHARE this story if you think Black Lives Matter protesters need to follow the law just like everyone else!