Black Lives Matter’ Rioters Blocking Traffic Get RUN OVER

A car hitting BLM protesters who were blocking the street.

Black Lives Matter. Do they matter more than, say, the lives of non-black people who are, say, being transported to the hospital in an ambulance? Many would say not. When BLM protesters have been blocking roads, as they seem fond of doing, some drivers have actually decided to “protest back” at the protesters by not stopping their vehicles. A few of these episodes can be seen (extremely graphically) in the video, below.

Not surprisingly, this video, which was posted on Facebook, has had millions of views and over 58,000 comments. Some of those include:

Paige Olson Weed: If you’re going to stand in the middle of the road, you are asking to get hit.

Tree Young: Yeaa I’m sorry for all the people that feel “wronged by the system” but everyone does have equal opportunity. Look at sports, Hollywood, our president. There’s plenty of African Americans that have become wealthy, because they sewed that destiny for themselves. People need to stop whining and be more ambitious and stop looking at the world like its giving them an unfair share. If you aren’t doing great in life, it is your own fault.

Paige Ashley Taylor: My dad was a paramedic trapped in one of these protests. He couldn’t get the ambulance through the crowd. The patient was having heart problems. He died in the ambulance. So my father wasn’t able to save a life due to these people, so damn right if this ever happens to me, I won’t feel the tiniest bit bad pushing my car through the crowd.

Brandon M. Juniper: LMAO “that’s how u get a murder charge” okay well then where is the Jaywalking charge, disturbing the peace charge, non compliance of an orderly and peaceful demonstration charge, failure to maintain a peaceful assembly charge, destruction of personal property charge(beating on the hood of the car), terroristic threats charge(because yes I’ve heard them threaten to kill ppl if they have to, so their crying can be validated), threat of bodily harm charge,verbal assault charge……the list goes on and on. But the most important one… the dumbass charge

A “dumbass charge.” Hmmmm. Never heard of that but, maybe. What do you think? Let us know in the comments, below.