“Big-League” Rock Star Preparing For 2018 Senate Run


One of America’s top rockers may be running for the U.S. Senate in 2018. Conservative activist and rocker Ted Nugent told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he is seriously considering a run for the Michigan Senate seat currently held by Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

Nugent, whose full name is Theodore Anthony Nugent, is no fan of liberalism. He is a proud supporter of the American Constitution, and a huge fan of President Donald Trump.

The aging rocker concedes that he’s not a spring chicken any more – he’ll be 70 years old in 2018, and the only way he would run is if his family supported his run 100%.

Nugent told the Daily Caller that he would run on a platform of Fiscal and Constitutional accountability, living within our means and eliminating the counterproductive regulatory obstacles for hard working “Michiganiacs.”

His campaign slogan would be “Make Michigan, Michigan Again!” He claims that liberal policies have eroded freedoms in his state. “My beloved birth state of Michigan still has godawful rules, laws and regulations that are more akin to Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts than the real Michigan, so I remain poised to do what I can,” he said, adding, ““I’m always very interested in making my country and the great state of Michigan great again and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to help in any way I possibly can.”

Michigan has traditionally been a very Democratic state. The incumbent Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow was elected in 2000, and won re-election in 2006 and 2012. However, Donald Trump won the state last November, and Michigan’s governor is Republican Rick Snyder.

Ted Nugent was rocking out as far back as the 70's
Ted Nugent was rocking out as far back as the 70’s

Nugent has been a fierce critic of liberalism, but he despises the Republican establishment as well. He wrote on his Facebook page, “If these GOP sonsabitches don’t get it right this time I will come charging in as the ultimate WE THE PISSED OFF PEOPLE Mr FixIt Consitutional firebreathing shitkicker candidate from hell!”

Rock on, Ted. Rock on!

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