Barack Obama Just Got BAD News… But You’ll Love It


Barack Obama is such an egotistical, delusional man that he fancies himself to be one of the most popular presidents of all time. A brutal new poll, however, has made it impossible for him to believe this any longer.

According to CNN, Obama’s approval ratings are plummeting like never before as millions of Americans have turned on him for his abysmal foreign policy decisions. A new CNN poll has revealed that Obama’s disapproval ratings are now above 50%, with 51% of Americans believing he has handled his presidency badly. This is up four points from a few months ago, when 47% of Americans disapproved of him in the same poll.

The worst reviews for Obama in the poll came for the way he has handled ISIS, with 62% of Americans disapproving of Obama’s “strategy” in handling the radical terrorist group. In addition, 60% slammed Obama for the ridiculous way he has handled Iran.

If Obama was hoping Democrats would have his back, this poll shattered that as well. 35% of liberals said he had handled ISIS poorly, and 30% of them disapproved of his precious Iran deal.

Even Barack Obama won’t be able to spin these poll numbers in a positive way. It looks like most of Americans are in agreement now. SHARE this story if you think Obama is the WORST president of all time!