Bad News For Liberal Judges! Trump Has More Power Than They Think…


Trump has a huge opportunity to change the United States court system. The Young Conservatives report that President Trump can “fundamentally remake” the federal judiciary.

There are 117 vacancies in the federal judiciary and the President has the power to appoint conservative-leaning judges and altar the courts significantly.

After Donald Trump nominated 49-year-old Judge Neil Gorsuch, conservatives felt the future of the United States Supreme Court was heading in the right direction. If Gorsuch is confirmed he could be a strong voice on the Court in following the constitution and making fair and balanced decisions.


The Daily Caller reports that “less than half of the judges on the Circuit Courts of Appeals and only about 35 percent of judges on District courts were appointed by a Republican president.” The power is about to shift from the Democrats to the Republicans, and the left is panicking. Donald Trump has a historic occasion to impact the courts like no other President before him.

The last president to come close to having such a high number of vacancies to fill was Bill Clinton. President Clinton had 111 open seats going into office, and Trump has 117. Other presidents have had a significantly lower amount of seats to fill, such as Obama who only had 54 vacancies when he entered the White House.


Liberals are opposing Neil Gorsuch to their own detriment, some argue. The Charlotte Observer takes an interesting view, that even as a liberal who dislikes Trump’s actions it is best to pick the right battles. “We must weigh the value of protesting Gorsuch’s stances against the value of affirming the Court’s apolitical institutional identity.”

Every judge has political leanings and we all know it. Conservative judges frighten the left, but they should know that fighting over these seats is futile.