BAD NEWS for Elizabeth Warren as Former Navy SEAL Takes Aim At Her Congressional Seat


Elizabeth Warren, former law school professor who has set her sights on the presidency, may not retain her Congressional seat after the 2018 mid-term elections.

That is because the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts will face a challenge for her seat from Republican and former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez.

Entrepreneur and Former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez

Gomez is everything Warren is not. He is a patriot and entrepreneur, with a MBA from Harvard Business School.

The blonde and blue-eyed Ms. Warren is arguably most famous for her claim to be a Native American. She has explained that Warren family lore includes a distant relative of Native American ancestry, which possibly makes her 1/32 Native American.

This assertion led to Ms. Warren being held out as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color,” per a 1997 Fordham Law Review article.

Being a Democrat from Massachusetts, it is not surprising that Elizabeth Warren has extreme liberal positions on most issues, including a love of big government and regulations as solutions to all problems. Of course, business-killing regulations are precisely the last things the U.S. needs, as the nation strains to get back on its feet after eight years of Obama in the White House.

Two of a Kind: Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has very little understanding of regular Americans, living her adult life in a sky-high ivory tower. She is a strong advocate of socialism, despite history showing that the concept has failed everywhere it’s been tried.

Make no mistake, the Democrats would love to install Ms. Warren in the Oval Office, as she is a woman, “Native American,” and socialist. Thus, they can check all the boxes that matter to them. A defeat at the hands of Mr. Gomez would be absolutely shattering to their hopes.

Commpare Ms. Warren to Mr. Gomez, who, after serving with distinction as a Navy SEAL, received his Harvard Business School MBA and put his experience to work in the private sector. His background allows him to understand what it takes to make American businesses, and the people those businesses employ, thrive, in a way Elizabeth Warren simply wouldn’t understand.

A 2018 victory by Gabriel Gomez over Elizabeth Warren would be a crushing blow to the aspirations of the Democratic party. Here’s hoping the voters of Massachusetts deliver that victory.