A manhunt is underway in Wisconsin for a 32 year-old man who seems to be hellbent on assassinating President Donald Trump.

NBC News reported that Joseph Jakubowski has been on the run since Tuesday after he burglarized a gun store and mailed an anti-government manifesto to Trump. He reportedly broke into the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville and stole 16 high-caliber rifles and handguns. Police believe Jakubowski to be armed and dangerous and have warned that he is likely traveling with a bulletproof vest and helmet.

Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden told reporters that Jakubowski had been agitated by national politics recently and had confessed to friends that he had plans to steal guns and conduct an “unspecified attack.” Janesville Police Chief David Moore added that local police had multiple run-ins with Jakubowski over the years.

“There was one specific case where he attempted to disarm a police officer,” Moore told reporters. “Were it not for the very secure holster of this police officer, he would have certainly disarmed that police officer. And for that crime, (he) was sent to prison.”

Police also released disturbing footage showing a man mailing a large envelope clearly addressed to Trump and the White House. The package reportedly contained a 160-page manifesto that featured anti-government rants and “personal angst against anything other than natural law or rule.”

“This manifesto has been evaluated by experts within the FBI behavioral analysis unit to better understand his mindset and locate leads or evidence,” Spoden said. “All technological resources are currently being exploited and used in this endeavor after this individual.”

Please pray that this gunman is apprehended as quickly as possible!