He Was Asked “Where Did God Come From?”; His Answer Will Blow You Away


Today’s liberals seem to despise everything related to religion, including Christmas, the Ten Commandments, and the words blazed across our currency, “In God We Trust”.

Today, being Easter Sunday, we thought we would share this remarkable clip from a debate about God’s existence. This clip is not new. The debate between a scientist and Evangelist Kent Hovind took place a few years ago, but this video has recently been discovered and gone viral.

The scientist, Professor Reinhold Schlieter, from the Emery Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, asks the Christian Evangelist, Kent Hovind about the existence of God.

“I’m confused,” the atheist professor pontificates, “Being philosophically consistent and being a very honest person, I’m sure you can tell me where God came from.”

His question was followed by a smattering of applause from fellow atheists in the audience.

The professor continues, “In addition, once you tell me where God comes from, please try to clarify how you can figure that a spiritual force can have an impact on a material universe to create it.”

Mr. Hovind was given five minutes to answer this heavy question. And he knocked it out of the park.

Watch the video here:

One of the great unknowns is, “Where did God come from?”

One of the others is, “When did liberals and atheists start hating religion and religious people?”

We mere mortals may never fully understand these paradoxes.

On a side note, The Christian Evangelist here, Kent Hovind, has a very colorful history. He operates a Christian-themed park, but is also a tax protester. He was convicted of tax-related crimes and even spent some time in jail.

Whatever you think of Mr. Hovind, his message is quite clear and beautiful and compelling.

Share your thoughts about Hovind’s message about God in the comments section. Does he have an interesting point?

Happy Easter to all our readers.