Anti-Trump Protesters Blocking Road Get Some VERY Bad News


Last night, gangs of “tolerant” liberals descended on U.C. Berkeley to protest conservative Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulous, who was scheduled to give a speech at the school. Unfortunately, school officials were forced to cancel the event after rioters wreaked havoc on the area, setting fires in the streets, looting banks and ATMs, and assaulting Trump supporters.

In the midst of the protest, some of the rioters decided to form a human blockade to block traffic on one of the road. However, the young liberals quickly learned this wasn’t the brightest idea…

Watch as the driver of a vehicle approaches the human blockade and refuses to slow down. Instead, he gives the liberal snowflakes the shock of their young lives by gassing up and plowing through them.

While most of the protesters at least have enough brains to get out of the way, one of them decides to jump on the hood of the car in an attempt to stop the driver. This backfires as the driver continues driving with the protester on his hood, unfazed by the loudmouth liberal’s stupidity.

We found the protest last night to be complete nonsense, and we think everyone involved should be punished accordingly. SHARE this story if you think U.C. Berkeley should be DENIED federal funding!