Anti-Trump Protester Hit By Car On Highway

Anti-Trump Protester Run Over By Car
Anti-Trump protester run over by car (while standing in highway).

Many of the anti-Trump protesters since the November 8 election have shown extreme boldness… and extremely questionable judgement. A video has been making its way around the internet showing one such protester (part of a large group of protesters) wandering onto a highway. Then farther onto the highway. Then getting hit by a passing car.

The demonstrators were chanting slogans that included “Education Not Deportation!” “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go!”

This second chant used the same “hey, hey, ho, ho” hook included in so very many chanted slogans by the left over the years. Social justice warriors are so creative and original with their rallying cries.

Comment sections posted with the video provide a good gauge of viewers’ reactions.
One commenter, perhaps aware that the protesters were mostly college students (believed to be from the University of California, San Diego), stated:

“Maybe they should have been educated enough to not walk on a highway at night.”

Another, pointing out the possible outcomes for a driver in these sort of situations, wrote:

“Why would anyone stop? There’s no possible positive outcome to stopping when you see a bunch of people crowding on the highway. At best you become a road hazard and have a high chance of getting smashed, at worst your car gets mobbed.”

And a third commenter, pointing out the detachment from the real world of these pampered liberal students, opined thus:

“You stand in the road you get hit. Surely someone who cares so much for “education” should know this? Damn, guess they never taught that lesson in Gender Studies.”

The vast majority of comments to this video indicate clearly that folks across the nation are sick and tired of the temper tantrum being thrown by progressives and their allies, which is basically an outburst directed at democracy and anyone who doesn’t believe every one of their lies and dogmatic philosophies.