Another Obama “Dreamer” Causing Havoc & Death In Iowa


Barack Obama’s failed immigration policies have proved that open borders put American citizens at risk. The people of Iowa are outraged over yet another Obama “dreamer” who has taken the life of an American citizen. Even more tragic – this time the criminal is responsible for the death of a 12-year-old girl.

Frontpage Mag reports that Fernando Lopez Aguilar was the driver of a car that caused a three car crash resulting in the death of a 12-year-old, and injuring four others. “Lopez Aguilar was driving a car on September 8 that he knew had faulty brakes. Speeding past a stop sign that afternoon, he slammed into a pick-up — sending it airborne and careening into an SUV. The crash fatally injured 12-year-old Lea Phann.”

Sounds like a nice kid, doesn’t he? God bless Obama’s “Dreamers!” Imagine if Hillary had won the presidency and flooded America with more of these sweet boys and girls.

Aguilar, 18, had entered the country illegally from Mexico at age 7 and later obtained a work permit as part of Obama’s DREAM act – which provides benefits for immigrants who entered the country illegally before the age of 16, with their parents or by themselves.


Aguilar’s easily renewable work permit, however, had expired three months before his involvement in the fatal crash. Aguilar had a prior police record, and according to Frontpage Mag he was charged with “operating without a driver’s license, failure to have insurance, and two counts of serious injury caused by reckless driving. He was also charged with felony child endangerment because a baby was in his car strapped in a child seat.”

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa wrote a letter to Sen. Johnson of Homeland Security, demanding answers about Aguilar’s status. He was unable to find answers as to why Aguilar was allowed to stay in the country – especially considering Aguilar had previously been charged with holding drug paraphernalia, as well as driving without a license. Apparently being an illegal immigrant driving without a license is not considered a serious crime under the Obama administration.

Oh my God, can January 20 get here fast enough?

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