Ann Coulter Ventures On To The View And SHUTS DOWN Joy And Whoopi!


On Monday, Ann Coulter ventured deep into enemy territory with an appearance on ABC’s The View. Coulter, along with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and the crew, discussed recent events in Berkeley and, of course, President Donald Trump.

In the first part of the segment, the ladies from The View and Ms. Coulter discussed how she was recently silenced from speaking at UC Berkeley. Surprisingly, Whoopi agreed that the Berkeley university administration had screwed up in allowing this to happen, as the First Amendment and free speech are cornerstones of the American republic.

The segment then segued into a discussion of Donald Trump and the media, specifically, whether or not the mainstream media is, in fact, mostly ‘fake news.’

Whoopi and friends then smirkingly posed to Coulter whether such media heavyweights as CNN and The New York Times are ‘fake news.’

Coulter responded, as would most sane people, that yes, they were.

The discussion then turned to whether President Trump lies.

Whoopi: “He has lied quite a bit, honey.”

Coulter: “He lied one time, and I’m not going to tell you when… No, he doesn’t lie. He’s a BSer. He’s an exaggerator… It’s puffery.”

Coulter then explained the difference between BS and lying. “It’s like when he says ‘everyone’s rated this golf course as the greatest golf course in the entire world.’ OK, the audience doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t believe it. He knows they don’t believe it. But everyone feels nice. That’s what he does. But he doesn’t lie. Hillary lies.”

Sunny Hostin questioned Coulter on the proposed border wall with Mexico. “One of the things you supported the most was this border wall, this $26 billion dollar border wall. But we just heard recently that illegal immigration is down 60% since he took office, and the new budget won’t have funding for the $29 billion border wall [she misread the number], so is this issue over?”

Coulter responded, “No, no, no, no. This is why I hate Congressional Republicans.” She went on to explain that Paul Ryan and many Congressional Republicans have attempted to commandeer the Trump presidency for their own agendas, the same agendas that were convincingly rejected by the electorate in the last GOP primaries.

On whether Mexico would end up paying for the border wall, Ms. Coulter was definitive. “No, they’re going to pay. It’s the easiest thing in the world… There are a million ways to do it. The remittances are one way. Just withholding foreign aid to Mexico…”

Watch the Ann Coulter interview on The View below:

You have to hand it to Ann Coulter. She goes into a venue like The View, with the loudest voices (Whoopi’s and Joy’s) being moonbat-crazy progressive, and a reliably progressive audience, and more than holds her own. Every time.