Andrew Jackson Ripped Off $20 Bill – His Replacement Will Make You SICK


Obama-voting liberals have been trying to get a woman on a piece of US currency for over a year. Now, it looks like they have finally gotten what they wanted.

According to Vox, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to announce that Andrew Jackson will be removed from the $20 bill so that a woman can be placed on it. The woman has not yet been determined or named, but an official with the US government said she will be someone who illustrates the struggles of racial inequality.

Thanks to the long design and anti-counterfeit process, the bill probably won’t go into circulation until 2030.

This is in contrast to Lew’s announcement last year in which he said a woman would share the $10 bill with Alexander Hamilton and also be featured on the back of bills. However, the popularity of the Broadway musical Hamilton put a stop to this plan.

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