American Royal Family? EVERYONE Is Talking About Ivanka’s Style


Ivanka Trump has a knack for making heads turn. This time it’s not just for her beauty and impeccable fashion sense.

The Smokeroom reports that Ivanka Trump “was seated next to Angela Merkel during a roundtable when the German chancellor visited the White House Friday,” and that her outfit “caused quite a few double takes.”

The outfit – a high-neck, dark, plain, dress – is arguably one of the most conservative dresses Ivanka has been seen wearing. On the dress she wore a simple, small, American flag pin.

But the classic look didn’t come without effort. According to the Daily Mail, Ivanka called in the “glam squad” to make sure she perfected the look. The Daily Mail said the flag pin “livened up” the dark-blue dress, and that Ivanka chose to wear “a pair of starfish stud earrings from Tiffany & Co. – just days after the news broke that her company would be ending the production of her fine jewelry collection.”

Ivanka and Merkel have more in common than people think. The Daily Mail reports that Ivanka was responsible for setting up the meeting with Merkel and Trump, and that Merkel reached out to Ivanka directly to make plans for the visit. “The two women could be seen in conversation throughout the discussion and whispering and laughing together at times.”

It is unclear if Ivanka supports all of Merkel’s political ideals, but in the moment, the two women seemed to get along fantastically. Ivanka can keep the outfits coming, there’s nothing more fun than following her fashion!