BREAKING: UK on Alert for Chemical Attack


British Security Minister, Ben Wallace, has warned of ISIS planning a deadly attack on the UK. According to Pamela Geller of the Geller Report, Britain is in high alert over the threat. Wallace says, “There are traitors” and the threat “is real.”

Counter-terrorism police are being given new equipment and preparing for the potential chemical attack, which is frightening news for citizens of the UK.

Geller points out that attacks in Europe have been, to date, of “less sophisticated means than a chemical attack would entail,” comparing a chemical attack against “two of the most high profile attacks in Nice, France, and Berlin, Germany, [where] lone attackers drove lorries into crowds of people – killing and injuring dozens.”

Chemical attacks have ravaged the war-torn country of Syria, and authorities will no doubt do everything in their power to stop chemical warfare from coming to the West. According to Fox News, the UN is drafting resolutions that would impose heavy sanctions against Syria and ban all other countries from supplying them with helicopters, which have been used for chemical attacks.


Wallace told the Sunday Times that the terror groups have no moral barrier when it came to using chemical warfare, and that the threat is the country’s “biggest fear.”


Wallace says ISIS has used chemical attacks in Syria and Iraq, and authorities have “certainly seen aspiration for it in Europe.”

Security Cheifs in Britain have been carrying out exercises and drills in the wake of this very serious threat. UN investigations have determined that “the Syrian government was behind at least three attacks involving chlorine gas and the Islamic State group was responsible for at least one involving mustard gas.”

It has become necessary to prepare for the worst as terrorism continues to rise throughout Europe.