ALERT: Revolt in the Electoral College – Trump Presidency May Be at Risk


The Hamilton Electors, a group aimed at stopping Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States, is really having a fun time playing with their own version of history and calling openly for a revolt.

As popular as the play ‘Hamilton’ might be, Alexander Hamilton’s historically documented PRAISE of the electoral college is conveniently being ignored by the Hamilton Electors. If their main argument is that Donald Trump is politically unqualified, they should take a look at Obama’s voting record as a Senator.

We all watched Donald Trump ‘win’ on November 8, but technically the results are only official after the 538 members of the Electoral College vote on December 19th. The idea behind the revolt is that Democratic electors Michael Baca of Colorado, and Bret Chiafalo of Washington state, will try to convince more electors to vote from someone other than Trump on the day.

The efforts of these two disrespectful, delusional individuals are clearly not going to produce results. They claim this election is ‘an emergency’ and that Trump is wildly unfit to be President – thusly protocol must be broken.

They fail to grasp the fact that when Hamilton wrote that it was ‘peculiarly desirable to afford as little opportunity as possible to tumult and disorder,’ he was talking about stopping fools like Michael Baca and Bret Chiafalo to throw a hissy fit that results in silencing the voice of the American people.

At the heart of the current opposition to the electoral college, is a disdain for conservatives and anyone who voted for Donald Trump as being ‘less than’, ‘uneducated’, or ‘duped’. Since the logic behind abolishing the electoral college can be summed up by the notion that the people of California and New York know better than the rest of the country, and see through Trumps evil plan to take over the world.

Get over it, Trump-haters! The electoral college was put in place by the founding fathers of this country and it’s not going anywhere. Neither is Donald Trump. For the next 4 years, anyway.