He Actually Did It! Trump Just Signed MAJOR Order That Will Reverse…


Obama’s Arctic drilling ban put restrictions on companies that could be creating jobs and boosting the American economy in a serious way. Arctic drilling helps our country become more energy independent, which democrats hate for some insane reason.

Now Donald Trump is in office and he’s changing everything! The President just signed an executive order on Friday that will lift Obama’s ban on Arctic drilling – and Americans are celebrating. Now that Trump has reversed the ban, companies can start drilling!

The Young Conservatives shared a video from Fox News in which President Trump expresses his excitement for the American worker, and discusses the benefits of reversing Obama’s policies.

The President’s decision will expand drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic ocean.

The order was titled “Implementing an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy.” The current administration hopes to undo the damage that the previous administration inflicted on the American economy. Trump’s plan is to initiate a “review of the locations available for off-shore oil and gas exploration.”

Obama’s environmental agenda was so clearly a political tool to gain support from his base – he never cared about American jobs for one minute. He and his leftist friends would let America crumble to the ground as long as they can stay rich and powerful. The rest of the world is making money on oil, and Obama was happy to exchange money with those countries while Americans lost energy jobs.

There’s no doubt environmentalists will push back against this order, but once companies start bidding for these new drilling areas and people start getting hired, the success will drown out the sound of all the liberal whining.

President Trump told the press that this executive order is “unleashing American energy and clearing the way for thousands and thousands of high-paying American energy jobs.”