ABC Facing MASSIVE BOYCOTT After Cancelling Tim Allen’s Pro-Trump Show


Last week, ABC shocked everyone by abruptly cancelling Tim Allen’s sitcom Last Man Standing despite the fact that it was dominating the ratings. The decision has many fans accusing ABC of choosing to cancel the show because it regularly mocked liberals and praised Donald Trump.

Now, this move has come back to bite ABC in a big way.

Daily Mail reported the hashtag #BoycottABC was trending on Twitter Monday, and the movement is growing fast.

In Last Man Standing, Allen portrayed Mike Baxter, who is described as “the quintessential man’s man” known for his old-fashioned views. Baxter was a proud Christian who openly supported Trump and worked at a store that sold guns. The show, which aired on Friday nights at 8, was the second most watched comedy this season, drawing 8.1million viewers. The only comedy that beat it in the ratings was Modern Family.

Twitter users have blasted ABC for cancelling the show:

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