“F*CK YOU!” – Obama’s Economy Devastates Thousands This Week


The video below shows hundreds of shocked employees of the Carrier Air Conditioning plant being told they are losing their jobs. The announcement was unexpected and came as a shock to the Indianapolis workers. Many of the employees are unionized and make over $70,000 with overtime.

The workers in the video express outrage when hearing the news. They start yelling and cursing at management.

Welcome to the Obama “recovery”. When the government imposes burdensome regulations on businesses, like ObamaCare, minimum wage laws, and union protections for employees who refuse to show up to work, companies pick up their stakes and leave.

Adding insult to injury, Democrats have raised corporate income taxes to the highest rate in the industrialized world. The result? Great American companies, like Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Burger King, Eaton Corp, Michael Kors, and Tyco International move overseas. Thousands of high paying jobs move, as well.

Bernie and Hillary want to further raise corporate income taxes. They also want to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 per hour. These politicians love to vilify American business, but they have zero understanding of basic economics.

Obama tells us that the United States is creating millions of new jobs under his watch. What is is not telling us is that the jobs being created are burger flipping and waitressing jobs, while high paying jobs are moving offshore.

Donald Trump has been pounding the table over how moronic and destructive Obama’s economic policies are. And the billionaire has been criticizing unfair trading policy that keeps screwing over American workers. Like him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that he is a business tycoon who understands business.

This week, there are 1400 fewer manufacturing jobs in America. And 1400 new Trump supporters as well.