AMAZING Hyundai Super Bowl Ad Reunites Troops and their Families


Why on earth would Hyundai run their Super Bowl ad after the Super Bowl had ended? It doesn’t make sense, until you watch it.

The ad was specifically created for U.S. troops who couldn’t be at home, with their family and friends, for the Super Bowl. This ad made it obvious what a sacrifice these service members have made.


From a technological standpoint, the ad is incredibly unique, as it uses actual video of the game, which meant that the Hyundai ad creators were capturing and editing footage as the game was underway. Extremely cool, and the results are absolutely breathtaking.

Of course, the most important thing about the ad isn’t how unique it is, nor is it how beautiful or technologically advanced it is. The most important thing is that Hyundai allowed American soldiers to watch the Super Bowl with their loved ones. Kind of have to love Hyundai for that.


You also need to be impressed by Hyundai’s marketing and advertising team. Creating this ad was no easy feat. According to an article on USA Today, “The game plan on how to pull it off was as intricate and secretive as the game plans of the teams in the game. Hyundai threw a Super Bowl party at a U.S. Military Base in Zagan, Poland, with big-screen TVs and food and drink. Three soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division – Sgt. Richard Morrill, SPC Erik Guerrero and Cpl. Trista Strauch – were selected by the military to watch the game in a special way: They watched the game in individual 360-degree immersive pods that made them feel as if they were in Hyundai’s luxury box at NRG Stadium. What they didn’t know was that their families would be in the box and they would feel as if they were right there with them.”

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