VIDEO GOLD: Ann Coulter Schools Bill Maher And His Liberal Audience


One year ago, Conservative author Ann Coulter was on the Bill Maher show predicting a Trump victory in the Republican primary. The result? Watch the hilarious 20 second video below…

And here we are, a year later, with Trump as the GOP presidential nominee.

This video shows how completely out of touch the left is with the American people. Neither Bill Maher’s liberal panelists nor his ignorant audience took Coulter seriously. Instead they laughed hysterically, mocking the conservative author, while she sat motionless and composed.

Who has the last laugh now?

In fairness to Bill Maher, he invited Coulter back to his show this week, where he told her, “Go ahead, give it to us – make us eat crow.”

Predictably, the other guests on the follow up show still could not accept a Trump presidency. No matter, Coulter re-schooled Maher and his audience on how Trump represents the majority of working Americans who are fed up with politicians who refuse to secure our borders and enforce our nations laws.

Does Trump stand a chance in the general election? Share your thoughts in the comments section.