All 188 Of Them Are Being Charged – Prison WON’T Be Fun For Them!


The election of Donald Trump caused a lot of wailing across the nation. But once the tears were dried and the tantrums had died down, a plan was formulated to fight back against what liberals considered to be an unfair election and the end of the world according to Obama. That plan included about as much maturity as egging the house of the girl you liked in high school.

The biggest win that the brain trusts who run Antifa came up with was to riot and cause problems on inauguration day, so riot they did. Reports out of Washington included setting cars on fire, breaking storefronts, brandishing weapons and generally acting like the gang of thugs that they constantly insist that they are not.

The damage down by the rioters was enough to pin many of the more enthusiastic cause supporters with felony charges. While many of us never thought this day would come, it’s finally here, and the ungrateful mutant liberal offspring of socialism and entitlement are finally being charged for all the laws that they broke in their adult-sized tantrums on inauguration day. Vice News reports that in 188 additional cases are being added to the ones already charged:

Federal prosecutors announced they will move forward with cases against 188 additional inauguration protesters in spite of the fact that the first six were acquitted of all charges on Thursday.

Jurors found the six protesters not guilty of conspiracy to riot and destroy property charges that carry decades-long sentences. More than 20 trials for the other 188 people will begin in January and continue throughout next year.

In a statement to VICE News Bill Miller, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, said prosecutors look forward to the coming trials.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia believes that the evidence shows that a riot occurred on January 20, 2017, during which numerous public and private properties were damaged or destroyed. This destruction impacted many who live and work in the District of Columbia and created a danger for all who were nearby. The criminal justice process ensures that every defendant is judged based on his or her personal conduct and intent. We appreciate the jury’s close examination of the individual conduct and intent of each defendant during this trial and respect its verdict. In the remaining pending cases, we look forward to the same rigorous review for each defendant.

The 188 being charged is great news for a number of reasons, the first being of course that there were obviously laws broken, and it’s up to our justice system to make sure that there’s sufficient punishment to discourage lawbreaking in the future. However, running a close second is that this is proof positive that the justice department isn’t going to roll over and give up on making sure that the direct disrespect toward a President. If we become a nation that riots and destroys property when we don’t like something, that’s what paves the way for total anarchy.

This decision came just days after the first 6 were acquitted of the crimes to which many thought they should have been found guilty. Their trial, while highly publicized, was also used as proof positive that all the rioters should get off the hook.

These protesters have the right to a fair trial just like every political candidate has the right to a fair election, and the people have the right to see those results upheld. Let’s hope that their jurors have more respect for the way our democratic system is supposed to work than the defendants did when they rioted against it. It would be a shame if the jury of their peers decided to break the law for what they decided to be the greater good.