Trump Vilified For Terrifying Prediction That Came True


In an extraordinary interview on Fox Business News with Maria Bartiromo in January, Donald Trump expressed how within the last twenty years, Brussels had gone from a beautiful city to a “Hell hole”. He went on to describe how “There is something going on, and it is not good… they want Sharia law.” He added, “There has to be some assimilation. There is no assimilation.”

The next day, Trump was vilified by the main street media for his “xenophobic” and “hateful” comments.

The New York Times gleefully wrote an article about the interview titled, “Donald Trump Finds New City to Insult: Brussels”. They poked fun at the successful billionaire, branding him racist, and defending how wonderful the city of Brussels still is today. The Belgian press also had a field day bashing Trump shortly after the interview, even making fun of his hair.

That was in January.

Now that Brussels has literally become a burning “Hell-hole”, no one is criticizing Trump for his uncanny warnings about the Muslim invasion.

Today, Europeans realize that terrorism is here to stay. Salah Adbeslam, the terrorist captured in Paris, admitted that many more ISIS terrorists have made their way into Europe. Intelligence suggests that at least 400 trained ISIS fighters are in Europe, and many have plans to come to America.

As conservative columnist Ann Coulter points out, all of this could have been prevented. This was a crisis created by liberal government policy which encouraged unvetted immigration into their country, and even today, there is resistance to change policy. Coulter writes, “It’s as if the government were dumping rats in our houses, and then, whenever someone died of the plague, those same government officials issued heartfelt condolences. But no one ever bothered to say, Hey! Maybe the government should stop putting rats in our houses!”

Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton want to bring another 100,000 “rats” to America before the end of 2016.

Will it take another 911 before liberals (and establishment Republicans) wake up and realize that Western society is committing suicide?