130,000 Muslims In Michigan Just Got BAD NEWS About Sharia Law


Michigan is a hot zone for Muslim immigration and stands vulnerable to the infiltration of pro-Sharia activists. Under Barack Obama, Sharia Law had a chance in America.

Well, not anymore. According to Conservative Fighters, Michigan Representative Michele Hoitenga “has introduced a law preventing Michigan courts from considering foreign laws when rendering their decisions.”

This means that Sharia Law is NOT WELCOME in the United States! Michele Hoitenga is defending western life and we need more politicians willing to take a stand against the Islamification of America. There are currently so many Muslims in the city of Dearborn, that it’s now referred to as the Middle East of America.

Conservative Fighters reports that Hoitenga was inspired to enact the law “after police arrested a Muslim doctor in Detroit for committing female genital mutilation.” The Muslim doctor was following her twisted, extreme, Islamic doctrine, which treats women like slaves. These Muslims refuse to assimilate and think they can get away with the abuse they inflicted on women in their home countries.

After hearing about the mutilation this doctor was “practicing” on U.S. soil, patriotic Americans had one collective thought: enough is enough. Our President, law enforcement, and military will no longer be manipulated by the enemy.

We cannot stand by and let Muslims try to change the way we govern, the way we dress, and the way we treat each other. Women should be especially terrified by Islamic culture, even in it’s most “moderate” forms. Due to weak policies in France, there are now neighborhoods in the country where women are not safe and not welcome.

Here in America, women go where they want and do what they want. If Muslims want to live here, they can deal with it.

President Trump has been vocal about his zero tolerance policy for radical Islamic terrorism, and his opposition to Sharia Law. With a strong leader in the Oval Office, our conservative representatives finally have some support from the White House to protect our freedoms against the threat of Muslim culture overpowering our communities.